Åre Extreme Challenge

Date: Saturday 29 jun 2019 - Saturday 29 Jun 2019

29 june | Let nature challenge you

Åre Extreme Challenge started in 1997 and is Scandinavia’s first and largest multisport race.

A classic “man vs. nature” event that features dramatic waterfalls, deep green forests, and a picturesque mountain town. The race attracts 600 elite and recreational athletes every summer to the home of multisport: Åre, Sweden.

- 25 km kayak paddle, whitewater and lake (option for 18 or 10 km)
- 17 km mountain run
- 30 km mountain bike

Elite endurance athletes, who compete for prize money and reach the finish in just under five-hours, share the same course with recreational athletes who fight for 6 to 10 hours — exhausted but invigorated.

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29 Jun
Saturday 29 jun 2019 09:00

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