Paddle SUP on Blanktjärn

Join a guide to eastern tarn Blanktjärn which is emerald green - and Paddle SUP!

Hike from Vålådalen to the turquoise mountain lake with the SUP board on your back. They are inflatable and is easy to carry in a bag. The six-kilometer walk takes about an hour and you pass many nice places along the route.

Paddling SUP means that you are standing on a surfboard and paddle with a single-blade paddle. SUP is the fastest growing water sport in the world; it is a simple task that anyone can do. Paddling SUP gives great workout for your core, but is also a fun experience.

Once at the eastern Blanktjärn we pump up the boards and slide out on the turquoise waters. As you paddle out on the clear water the guide prepares a wilderness lunch over an open fire.

This activity can be booked for your group is between 3-4 people. A Guide gets in touch with you after your booking to confirm the reservation and determine the time of the activity. The price for the activity does not include transportation to Vålådalen.

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