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Grappa is Åres oldest Italian restaurant, located right next to Åres town square in a cozy log house.

From the venerable house you will find warm lightning and rich aromas. We want to convey a friendly atmosphere with familiar kindness, and good quality. Italians have a great love for his culinary art and so do we. Welcome and share that love with us.

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Distance: 247 meters
Do you want to stay where the action is? It is equally important for you to be close to Åre town square as it is to be close to the slopes? You can not get closer to restaurants and entertainment than this.

High standard in the middle of Åre

Distance: 28 meters
Luxhuset is a newly built apartment building located in the heart of Åre within walking distance of just about everything! Restaurants and shopping are at its door and the ski lifts are easily reached via the funicular railway, which is a 50m walk away.

Best price in Freestyle

Distance: 214 meters
Freestyle is situated on Åre square, right next to the funicular railway called Bergbanan which takes you straight to the slopes. The slope to the village ends just 30 metres from your building.

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