Ashtanga yoga with Ann Svärdfelt

Date: Friday 12 jul 2019 - Monday 15 Jul 2019

12 - 15 July | Grab the opportunity to be guided by one of Sweden's foremost Ashtanga yoga instructor.

Instructor: Ann Svärdfelt

Ann is the kind of yoga teacher that can teach something each and every person. Her motto is: "Yoga for everyone". She'll teach anyone who want to learn. You can have mobility issues or be an athlete at the top level. Ann adjusts her methods for every individual.
On July 12 we will kick off the course at 17.00 with info meeting about the upcoming schedule. All the participants will after the first day be divided into groups based on earlier experience. All yoga will be held in the mornings before breakfast.

Hike with guide
After the yoga class in the morning you can join Sofie Jugård Löfgren on a nice walk in the beautiful surroundings around Vålådalen. You can choose to book the hikes as a separate product when making your reservation.

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Date Time    
12 Jul
Friday 12 jul 2019 09:00
13 Jul
Saturday 13 jul 2019 09:00
14 Jul
Sunday 14 jul 2019 09:00
15 Jul
Monday 15 jul 2019 09:00

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