Lunch tour, 3 hours

Let our four legged friends take you on a trip in a snowy landscape. The dogs are Alaskan Huskys, known for their kindness and endurance. This trip is suitable for the whole family. All our trips are Ecotourism approved.

Let our sleddogs take you and your family on an adventure! We travel through a snowy landscape, lunch are included. The tour is about 20 km long. At least 4 people per trip, if the number is not fulfilled, your booking may be canceled with a full refund.

Think about dressing warm! See the list below:

It is important to wear insulated high boots that are really warm.

Jacket / Pants
It is important to wear well insulated jacket and pants, that stops the wind to get through. For longer trips than one hour, you might need even warmer clothes.

Gloves and cap
You need a warm cap that covers your ears, preferably a hood on the jacket too. Wear well insulated gloves that are warm - not fingergloves.

Extra gear
If it gets windy and start to snow it is good to have skiing glasses and a thick scarf/muffler to cover the face, specially for kids.

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