Granen restaurant & bar

Address: tottvägen 127, 83013 åre Show map

Address: tottvägen 127, 83013 åre

Granen restaurang & bar is the largest living room in Åre.

Get warm in front of the open fire after a long day's skiing. From Andy in the bar you order some of the best drinks in Åre. Three snowboard and food loving girls spend their evenings in the kitchen making you an enjoyable mean using local produce.

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Distance: 166 meters
The newly built Fresk apartments are located south west of Tott Hotel, about 300 meters above Åre square. Within walking distance to the lifts and the piste. A training gym can be found at Tott Hotel nearby.

Granen Hotel

Distance: 10 meters
Granen opened its doors for the first time in 1916, and ever since has welcomed into its warm lodgings many skiers - both famous and not-so-famous.


Distance: 100 meters
Susabäcken is situated 300 meters uphill from Åre square and has a marvellous view over the village. You have everything that Åre can offer within walking distance and the ski lift is only 300 meters away.

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