Cave tour to the Kvarnbäcks maze

Visit one of the longest caves in Åre. There are limestone caves that are completely natural. This is a real cave adventures on nature's terms.

The caves are located north of Åre is not far from Kallsjön. In Sweden the cave tour is one of the longer guided tours. It is a 45 minute walk to the caves located in a beautiful forest area. Here are several caves with a total length of about 450 m.

It is a fairly narrow cave system but also caverns and little bigger aisles. It is a real adventure cave where nothing has been done in order to facilitate the visit.

We take lunch at noon and make a fire outside an old copper mine. After lunch we visit the Upper Kvarnbäck labyrinth which is the longest cave and even the wettest. Expect to get wet.

Bring with you:
Backpack, sturdy shoes, gloves and a change of clothes.

Included in price:
Cave Overall, headlamp, helmet and lunch included. If necessary we can provide transportation, limited seating.

Note! It requires at least 3 participants for this tour. If this is not met, the tour may be canceled for a full refund.

Minimum age 8 years. We meet up at 10 am at Preem in Björnänge.

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