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KIA Fjällmaraton

KIA Fjällmaraton

Category: Evenemang

27 July - 3 August | Given these unique experiences and encounters with the race as the backdrop, the hope is that more and more people will discover the joys of taking part in sport and being outside.

While the race poses a challenge to elite athletes, our underlying ambition is that everyone can take part. That’s why we’ve ensured that each race caters for both new and more serious runners.

To promote this diversity, there are only a few honorary prizes for the victors – in fact, most of the prizes are presented in a lottery-style.

Everyone competes in an open class, men and women respectively, so everyone has an equal chance of winning the best prizes. These are presented during the banquets, which are held on the evening of each event, rounding off the day in style. Naturally, events such as ours inspire a competitive spirit, but winning isn’t everything.

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